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Management systems

Management systems are tools to improve business management in different areas, such as quality, the environment, among others. They are mainly based on international and standardized norms. Adopting a management system is a guarantee that your organization’s processes meet the standards stipulated by international standards.

Our ISO Standards Consulting services facilitate the implementation and, or, the certification of a management system for our clients. It includes the maintenance and improvement of management systems already implemented, as well as the integration of new management systems with other standards. We completely adapt to the needs of our clients.

  • Implementation of MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
  • ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 17001-2, IS0 14064, etc.. EMAS, Travelife,. SICTED

Environmental Legislation Bulletin

The Environmental Legislation Bulletin is a completely personalized legislative service with which we inform our clients about the environmental legal requirements applicable to their organizations. Thanks to this, our clients are always up to date with the applicable regulations.

Internal audit

Through our internal audits it will allow you to know how your organization is improving, to be able to achieve the objectives that it sets itself and to know the degree of compliance with the requirements of the reference management system standard. Our team of auditors identifies non-compliances and points for improvement, mitigates and controls their associated risks, and adds value to your organization’s operations.

Our objective, in addition to finding the points of improvement to comply with the standard of the reference management system, is to help the company to continue improving its behavior, providing solutions to weak points and accompanying with suggestions for improvement throughout the process